Fuck it.

I'm not supposed to throw in another entry this quickly, but fuck it. Here are a few pics from the last 5 months...

construction of the new gallery

finally, first show

Evan took me to a Nintendo Wii release party. We saw Justin Timberlake take home EIGHT Wiis... we got zero. Here is Mix Master Mike cuttin it up.

Thank to Karen and Joyce for my Halloween Costume.

I returned the favor to Evan, taking him to a Johnny Walker Tasting. He hated it.

A couple shots of artwork for our next show. TLM and Yoskay. These guys make me proud.

Shout out to Philly and Mojo the Machine

... and to NY Hot dogs...

... and to my peeps Wendy and Kim from the Tribe. Keep hope alive.

more to come...


Has it really been since 2005 since I have updated this thing?

I used to have a blog on my website, but due to techincal difficulties, it has been offline for 5 months... 5 months!

so I guess in the meantime I can use this, too bad no one is paying attention.

This is the next show, tomorrow in fact. We just got done hanging this, and I am pretty gosh-darned excited. Shucks. Its our first "real" show in our new location. The artwork is very diverse, many of it not really going together, but I am still proud of it. And anyway, we are gonna have a blast tomorrow. So fuck it.

Um... so I guess I'll try to update this thing in the meantime, not sure how long it will last though... I have been told that our website will finally be fixed in a few weeks... yeah, I'll hold my breath for that.