Run Cannonball Run

Lab 101 - I finally made it over to see "Construction", even though I am literally across the street every day. Sure, he is super lazy, you say. But truth be told, just busy... so busy I cant even go across the street for 10 minutes??? Yup, that busy. That busy being lazy... But enough about me, here are some pics taken with my brand new phone.

So last night, my roommate let me watch his copy of the Korean smash hit "The Host". I am sure you have heard of it, its all the rage with movie afficiandos. Supposedly its Korea's most successful movie of all-time. Crazy. Does it live up to all that hype? Actually, yes. This movie has it all - horror, comedy, drama - and it pulls off all of them together well.

Although I gotta admit, when I first started watching it, it reminded me of a cheesy B Monster Movie. And, honestly, thats what it may actually be, but, damnit, its the best of the bunch. So put that in your pipe and smoke it.

And of course, when watching fine Korean Cinema, what better movie to follow it then Cannonball Run.

One of the greatest/worst ensemble movies of all time. Burt (Reynolds/Convey), Dom, Dino, Sammy, 007, Farrah, Jackie Chan, the list goes on and on... and yet, it still makes no sense! I love that movie.



Beards and more...

Sick of me talking about beards??? You are not alone... but fear not, this is the last blog entry on the subject for quite some time.... and here is why:

Yes, that is right, my beard is no more! I decided to rock the old-timey chop/stache beard combo for the opening on Saturday Night. Do you know how incredibly difficult it is to have serious conversations with people in 2007 looking like you are from the 1880's? For some reason, people just don't take you seriously...

I kept that going for quite some time, trying to start the next retro trend, heading out to random bars and restaurants, but the only guy to give me props was, of all people, one of the Germans from the movie "Beerfest", whom I ran into (literally) at the Ice Rink in Culver City.

And so now, it is down to the Super Trooper mustache. With the Clips tonight fighting for the last playoff position, I had no choice but to go with the pure molester 'stache. Who else in that organization can help the Clippers win but the original Mike Noise? Sure I look like a Narc, but if the Clips do make it, I'll take full credit for it!

Anyway, back to art... despite it coming very late in this blog, we actually did have a show on Saturday night... and it was a barnburner. These kids rock... this is the kind of show we really like doing, giving some young artists a chance to rock it, and when they do, it just is fun... no other way to explain it.

It was nice seeing Misha and Todd... haven't seen those chaps in some time.

Oh, and one last thing: Pirates!
Our neighbor, Greg, runs an on-line record store... in his offtime, he is a pirate. No kidding. A Pirate. A swashbucklin', plank walkin', parrot havin', gold seekin' honest-to-God Pirate. He came by today to show me his new sword. Seriously. If you never have held a Pirate's sword, then brother, you haven't lived. Anyway, here is a plug for both his pirateness and music store...

Music Obsession



the kids and the sports fanatics...

First off, our next show, Youth Indiscretions, is looking beeyooteeful. Wow, these kids can paint. Everybody is super excited about Rebecca Urais, and why shouldn't they be, this girl came out of nowhere and is knockin' people's heads off. Derek Albeck came in with three of his largest (and best) paintings to date. Nate Frizzell is just disgustingly talented... sure its hard to get just one word out of him, but all that saved energy is just channeled into his work. And Edwin, he is so diverse - he can go from painting on rice to delivering large scale illustrations. Here is Edwin admiring Rebecca's work with her, and below that are various shots from set-up...

Now switching gears, this is probably my favorite time of year for sports. Nope, who cares about Baseball. Its all about Hockey baby, and last night was the start of the playoffs and the two month long process to reach the Stanley Cup. First night was amazing, I watched 9 hours staight! Quadruple overtime??? You better believe it.

And not to be out done, MLS - Major League Soccer, kicked off its season last week. I attended (ahem, worked) both the home openers for the Beckham-less Galaxy as well as Los Angeles-based Chivas USA. There is a big uproar at the Home Depot Center about me being the possible twin of this guy:

That's the Galaxy's two-time Goalie of the Year, Joe Cannon (appropriate name for a soccer player I must say). How bad is it? Well, people are starting to come up to me to ask for my autograph, so maybe there is something to this. Here is a better photo from some media guide. A handsome chap, if I do say so myself. Yes, quite the looker indeed. You be the judge!




A few shots from the past couple days...

Here is Lab101's new show getting ready for installation. David Choong Lee is exhibiting, always loved his work, and feel super fortunate he showed with us last year during Bay 2 LA.

Then of course, after being in bed all weekend from sickness, I bounced back to make it to opening day at Dodger Stadium. TLM and Hippy Tree were there, as was Jason Money and his band of misfits from Pasadena. Word to the wise, you put your life into your hands when tailgating at Dodger Stadium. Unlike any other stadium in the world (including Oakland Colesium) the folks at Dodger Stadium strictly enforce the no booze policy. Hanging in Lot I, we got ticketed and had all the booze dumped, plus one of our people got kicked out of the Lot before we even went into the Stadium for using expletives (it turns out, the Dodgers made that a crime too). Not good for public relations, especially when most fans are drunk as it is. Nonetheless, we still had a great time.



The New Angelinas

Congrats to our good friends The Love Movement, who recently adopted 3 kids from the sales of artwork. From their website...

"TLM Adopts 3 Indonesian Kids - PHOTOS

Similiar to our celebrity spokesperson "Angelina Jolie", we have started Angelina's Adopters in addition to Angelina's Poopers in the Angelina Jolie Spirit.

Bottom line is we adopted 3 kids from Bali today with the sale of some art over the weekend to our favorite buyer Rachel. Rachel also gave TLM's youngest member Reece V. his first art sale. Reece is about to be 7 at the end of the week, so the news comes at a great time. DC Metropolitian area Toys R Us better protect your neck this weekend, as Reece V. will be surely investing in some new Spidermen.

Much love, just a show of the power of art over the power of business.


So, um, do they ship them in a box? Are they still worth $252 if the original mylar containers they come in are unsealed? And where in the world in the tiny apartment TLM has will these kids fit?

Hey, just asking...



Working for the Weekend

BTO was dead on.

Friday night was another installment of The Chivas Life... a chance to head out and drink Whiskey all night long for free. It was quite a night from what I remember... then again, I don't really remember much at all...

Of course, its all a marketing campaign to get the average partygoer to start ordering and buying Chivas when they go out or stay home. And even though I know its all marketing, it sure works on me.

Saturday night, Chivas aside, we had a special opening for England-based artist Insa. He is making a new line of hats for Kangol, so they and Vapors sponsored this invite only event.

Insa and his crew are downright good folks. The Kangol girls and Vapors heads were extremely cool as well (any close personal friend of Ben Weasel is a close personal friend of mine).

We are gonna hold a night for our VIPs this Thursday. So if you are reading this, you are a VIP, and therefore, you are invited.