Derek Albeck

Derek Albeck has his opening tonight at Black Market. Even though he must be almost 10 years younger then me, he puts me to shame with his beard growing capabilities.

Uh, yeah, anyway, the important thing is this kid rocked the spot, delivering some amazing pieces. Below are a few pieces, check back for pics from the show and hopefully Derek's beard...



and then some...

Saturday we had our opening for Love Conquers All, a collab effort from The Love Bandits and The Love Movement. Total blast. Jay from TLB grabbed a bus and poured himself and 20 of his friends inside to get to the show. #27 from TLM brought the kids from the East Coast in. Sure we had to battle the press juggernaut that is Corey Helford, but we had a strong showing of loyal and new fans.

The next day I headed out to Upstate NY. On the way back, I got stuck in JFK for 17 straight hours before my flight was cancelled. Not much to show so far in NY, so here is what I have been eating.



TLB/TLM and losing your hat

Here are some photos of the show set for tomorrow night.
These kids have really knocked it out. It should be one hell of a show.

And what is this thing for? Come to the show to find out how it will be used.

And, lastly, a thought to ponder as I leave you for today. When an ex invites you out to dinner after not seeing you for 5 years, your first instinct about the whole situation is probably the best. No, in fact, its dead on.



And the show goes on...

Saturday, after we closed shop and The Reset disappeared, we headed on across the street to The Lab 101 to check out Blaine Fontana's solo show there... his last in LA until???

Blaine, as always, was nothing but the utmost gentleman, signing books well beyond his allotted time. Its good to see Blaine back in town, as he has been MIA for a while now.

Check out his next show in Denver in April at Limited Addiction Gallery.

Up and Atom to bigger and better things. Sunday began the installation of Love Conquers All, our February Exhibit with The Love Bandits and The Love Movement. Here you can see a TLM member finishing up the window installation. Below, one of the mysterious Love Bandits paint blurry eyed.

We are really excited about this show. In fact, as crazy as it sounds, KTLA came out and shot a segment that airs Thursday morning. We got Nylon Mag, Daily Candy and a host of other great outlets supportin the show. Word to your Mother.

Of course, what is a little work with out a little pla... er, drinking. Alright, so, I'm hoping The Bearded Men of MySpace finally accept my membership... I've been working on this baby for a month and a half. But damn it if those bastards don't have extremely high standards. Granted, I have already received an offer to join The Bearded Men of Space Station 11, but there's talk that they are growing their beards in an atmosphere of negative 5, which is just preposterous.

Okay folks, stay tuned for pics of Mandrake's, our show, and God Only Knows...



more nonsense

Recap of last few weeks...

project: The Reset went very well! We had the usual heads roll out, and even Mr. Flores made an appearance. Mikio rocked the new DJ loft, and Vatch ran the bar with the swiftness of a gazelle.

Later that week, Vatch invited myself, KG, Our Res DJ Vinyl Richie and Wendy and Kim out to see his buddy's band at the Echo.

They rocked the spot. Check 'em out if you get the chance... which may prove difficult, given the fact I haven't told you their name.

And since we were in the neighborhood, how could we not go to my favorite bar for some drinks. Although it does sadden me to see that The Gold Room just got a write up in Paper (I want to keep that place all to myself), I don't think anything can everchange the magic that The Gold Room embodies. Here, a local patron asks Wendy for a dance.

If you havent heard, project: is now curating the 2007 art shows at Black Market Boutique on Sawtelle. It is very exciting, as we are showcasing a lot of our young artists in solo shows. The first show was the 26th and featured one of our favorite artists, Yoskay Yamamoto. Yosk worked his ass off for this solo and it shows - the place looks amazing.

I feel bad, I had to take off to Big Bear that night at 9, so I couldnt stay the whole time, but believe me, my time was well spent. God Bless the Bowling Barn.

Alright folks, stay tuned, we are gonna be back on track.

Next up, the Blaine Fontana solo at The Lab 101...