El Charro

Stop number 467 on my excursion list: El Charro

Located on a totally non-descript section of Venice in Mar Vista, the only way you might possibly know the place is because it is located right across the street from the world famous gay bathhouse "Roman Holiday". No joke. Look it up.
Roman Holiday aside, I have always wanted to hit up this glory hole in the wall Mexican Restaurant, whose meals are supposed to be plentiful and cheap.
The place is great. Super small, it has that cozy feeling you've all experienced growing up in your Latino household. Pictures of old Mexican heroes and locales line the walls while day workers line the counter.

And the food, amazing. For $9, I got this awesome plate of Steak Picado and a Mexican Pepsi in the old school bottle.

And if you aren't familiar with Soda products bottled in Mexico as compared with those in the States, then baby you haven't lived. Mexican Coke and Pepsi taste sooo much better. Why? Well, because they use local ingredients, typically sucrose, which the U.S. bottlers don't use (they use corn syrup). That's why the Mexican taste is so damn sweet. And come on, is there really anything better then drinking out of a old-fashioned 11.5 ounce bottle?


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