Worth a Thousand...

Fourth of July Party at Artist Wendy West's

Fourth of July Soccer

I finally got into the Kwik-E-Mart down the street

I have been several times since, and everytime I go, all the Krusty O's, Buzz, etc is sold out. All they have are the never-ending array of Simpsons toys. I thought this was a convenience store?

5th of July BBQ

Riding in Downtown

Sunday at the Bowl - Groove Armada and Cafe TaCuba

Taco Zone in Echo Park - the Taco Truck outside Vons:

I guess its not really a Taco Truck, but more of a Taco Trailer

Although a little more expensive then its truck counterparts, it is definitely worth it, and a great place to get that midnight snack.

Finally, Beckham is in town. I worked both his arrival press conference and his first practice. Talk about nutty, its great to finally see soccer get some love in this country.


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