The Greatest..

Thursday saw the start of my infatuation with Brea, California.

The city itself? Just a bad Irvine ripoff... but they did have one thing there this weekend that made up for everything: Norm McDonald!

Norm performed Thursday thru Sunday, and I was fortunate enough to catch his first and last performance.
God I love that guy. I wish I could just recite the entire routine here verbatim, but it just wouldnt do it justice. He is getting old and ornery, but he is better then ever. My stomach still hurts.

Speaking of the greatest, Saturday saw the first ever game for Beckham in the MLS.

He only played for 12 minutes, but it wasnt about his game, it was just about his mere presence.
The other game played was pretty good as well, Suwon taking on Tigres.

And even better, The Simpsons Movie sponsored the whole thing.

Oh right, almost forgot about the madness on Friday. We did some work for the CW again, this time here in LA. Here is the grand party we attended at the Pacific Design Center.

Then it was off the the Hollywood Bowl to see Jaime Cullum. This little guy has always been one of my favorite performers. His style: Pop Standards a la the American Songbook that are modern yet classic. And now putting him in front of an orchestra... magnifico.

And when he played what has become my favorite Sinatra song, "I've Got You Under My Skin", I just... well, I could have heard it over and over.
And finally, just for the hell of it, I swung by the Grove to check out the Harry Potter madness.

Spoiler alert: Turns out this is the book he finally comes out of the closet.

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edwinushiro said...

dude Mike, those are awesome seats. How can we trade jobs?